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UWF,WFU,UT  Discounts are for all Union Members, retirees and their families.
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For Our Valued Union and Government Members

Save money on cars, mortgages, real estate, legal services, financial services, and much more, and better yet, do it for FREE! We have created a network of  local and national companies to save you  money on things that we as Americans use the most. We also encourage you to let us know what you are looking for in your own area to make this site more useful for you. You can do that by
clicking here or at any time while you explore our site. Don't forget to advise your local union & fraternal brothers and sisters about these discount services organized with only you in mind. Thank you again for your continued support.
For our Union and Government Friendly Businesses

Are you a union or Government friendly company? Would you like to service the union and Goverment members in your immediate area? If so, your search is over! UWF, WFU, UT has created a network of the best in available top quality services to all rank & file memberships nationwide regardless of union or goverment  affiliation or position. Better yet, at no cost to all the members. With your help we make these tasks achievable and mutually beneficial. If you want to be a part of one of our growing networks, let us know by
clicking here or to contact us directly, call our business development department toll free at
(866) 472-9716 to speak with a representative.
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Union Member Discounts In Your Area
Click Here To Find
Union Member Discounts In Your Area